Vietnamese Cooking Classes

Choose from 6 different cooking experiences and levels of cooking expertise. Includes guided tours of Vy’s Market Restaurant, many Street Food counters and watching live demonstrations with actual involvement and many food tastings.

Traditional Market Setting

Vietnamese food and fine dining atmosphere

If you’re looking for a unique culinary experience, where you will gain an understanding of how ingredients are selected and assembled to create local dishes, then Ms Vy’s Market Restaurant is the perfect venue.

As with all of Ms Vy’s culinary ventures the key purpose of Vy’s Market Restaurant is to give customers a sensory food experience unlike any other. In Vietnam, a town’s market represents not just a place of commerce, but a meeting point for catching up, gossiping and, of course, eating – it is at the pulse of all community activity.

Your Teachers

Experienced teachers of Vietnamese cuisine sharing traditional family recipes

Ms Vy is a third generation chef in her family. A native of Hoi An, Ms Vy grew up in and around her parents’ and grandparents’ restaurant and noodle shop. Ms Vy opened her first restaurant, Mermaid, in 1992.This was the first restaurant to cater to foreign visitors in Hoi An. After numerous requests from tour guides and independent travellers, Ms Vy finally agreed to share some of her kitchen secrets and tips, which led to the creation of her cooking classes.

Over the years, Ms Vy’s restaurants and cooking classes have been featured in many guide books and publications worldwide. Ms Vy has garnered a reputation as an authority on Vietnamese cuisine and culture and as such has acted as consultant to many world-renowned chefs and television productions. In 2011, Ms Vy published her first book “Taste Vietnam – The Morning Glory Cookbook”. The book presents not only a celebration of Vietnamese cuisine, but also a heart-warming, at times poignant, but often humorous account of her life growing up in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Hoi An.

Ms Lu has worked with Ms Vy since she was 14 years old. She first worked at the Mermaid Restaurant, helping Ms Vy with the restaurant and classes there. As Ms Vy’s cooking school moved and expanded, Ms Lu moved with her and continued to help with the increasingly popular classes. With over 10 years experience in the classroom Ms Lu quickly wins over students with her sweet disposition and boundless enthusiasm.

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